May Garden update – what has succeeded and what hasn’t. Plus healthy egg fried rice recipe

I have to admit that I have not given the vegetable garden much attention this month except to water it. I do need to plant some more things but here’s an update so far.

I have discovered that certain things get eaten and there is not much I can do about it. For example the butternut squash seemed to be doing quite well and then one morning I came out to find both plants completely eaten down to the root. I tried to plant another and the seed got eaten pretty quickly. The courgettes however are doing well.

Radish seem to do much better sewn straight into the ground rather than planting shoots, which is what the instructions ask you to do. Besides the odd nibble (a few teeth marks from and animal that must have decided that radish is not to their taste) they are growing in abundance – I have sewn them everywhere in any empty bit of space and they are growing happily.

Radish sewn directly

The potatoes (Lady Crystal) are growing beautifully, I am a little unsure when to start pulling them up as yet.

Potatoes growing in abundance

The herbs that I planted last year have all grown incredibly well. The mint is so abundant but not sprawling everywhere due to keeping the roots in the plant pot. The Parsley has meant I never have to buy it from a supermarket again, it is huge and abundant and no matter how much I break off to use it grows back quickly. The chives are thriving and they are growing flowers to seed more of them for next year. Well worth planting even if you only have a tiny spot, or just a pot.

Mint with chives growing in between

I planted tiny onion bulbs and have been rewarded with lovely big spring onions.

The lettuce is growing well, but not ready to pick yet.

The beetroot appears to be growing well – but I am unsure of both it and the carrots, as I have been advised, that my soil may be too hard, we will see.

Beetroot sewn straight into soil

The peas are rapidly growing and creeping up the bamboo poles, last year they withered so I am a bit worried the same will happen.

The plan is to plant a lot more salad vegetables over the next few weeks, as these will hopefully grow quickly.

Last night I made egg fried rice with lots of spring onions, chives and parsley from the garden.

Heathly Egg Fried Rice
Ingredients (Serves 4)

2 x cups Brown Basmati rice – cooked

2 x organic eggs – whisked

Lettuce amongst the garlic

4 x large long spring onions – chopped finely

Handful of chives – chopped

Handful chopped parsley

2 x tablespoons sesame oil

Splash of olive oil

A little tamari sauce

Black pepper

Heat a frying pan with the olive oil (not too hot) and pour the eggs as if it is going to be an omelet, as this cooks (when quite solid) stir it to separate it into pieces of egg. Then place the cooked rice in when this is warmed up (but not browned) place all the ingredients in and mix in.

This is a great side dish for sesame chicken (Coming soon) or you can add to any meat or fish dish – Alternatively its very nutritious as a meal itself, you can add more vegetables.

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