Home grown radishes – so good for your liver!

I am so pleased with the radishes this year – they were so so easy to grow. All I did was make holes with a stick and drop the seeds in, in fact I may not even have needed to make the holes as the ones that accidentally escaped from my fingers and just dropped have grown as well as any of the others. I sewed two packs of organic radish this year and we will have loads, even in such a small space. It is really worth you trying this and radishes are a brilliantly healthy addition to anyone’s diet.

Radish in ground – like jewels of colour

Radish in ground - like jewels of colour

Nutritional Benefits:
Low in calories, excellent source of Vitamin C, Leaves contain even more Vitamin C than the root, are high in calcium and other minerals.

Radishes are in the same family as Broccoli, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables and have the same cancer protective qualities. It’s action on the liver is to increase bile flow, which improves digestion and detoxification of daily waste from the body. The fresher they are – the more potent this action is.

They don’t come much fresher!
They can’t get much fresher than straight from the garden.

Adding the leaves to salads increase Vitamin C and calcium content as well as other minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

They don't come much fresher!

You can sew them anytime between now and end of June – they will still grow. They are well worth it.

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