Growing your own is now even more important

Starting off

If you have some space in your garden, or on a balcony or even a window sill, Growing your own vegetables or herbs is a step towards reducing environmental damage and a step towards health. It can also be extremely rewarding, even if you only grow something small. We have started the vegetable garden much earlier this year, in fact at the right time as we were so late last year. This year I am more armed against would be destroyers like foxes, cats and squirrels. I have invested in a Foxwatch high pitch sound projector to scare them away AND Lion Pooh! (Well, pellets made from Lion pooh) It has has worked beautifully so far. I had dreaded the same scene as last year when I woke up to find the newly planted garden almost destroyed


Seeds for March sewing: The seeds, bulbs and shoots that are suitable for an area that gets some shade in morning and sun in the afternoon are: Carrots Lettuce Onions Potatoes Broad beans Asparagus Garlic

The seeds that I am atemping to create shoots to plant are:

Later – end of March/April I will plant:

New planted asparagus

Later there will be more, of which I will keep this blog updated. The Asparagus had to be planted somewhere permanent as the first crop should not be harvested.

I thought they would look nice along the front boarder. I have not grown from seed but fro a baby plant, apparently these will give quite a yield in two years, I bought them two small plants to a bag. They take up very little room and will be very decorative in first year and abundant in second year.

Two rows of carrots
I also sewed two rows of carrots. I put them 20cm apart so I do not have to thin them out later. Next to these I planted a row of onion bulbs at about 15cm gap. A few of these were dug up by the squirrels, but I put more lion pooh pellets down and hope that this deters them.


I have put the raddish and courgette seeds in bio-degradable propagating pots so that I don’t have to disturb the roots when planting the shoots. These were inexpensive, and actually look better than the plastic pots, if you had to keep them indoors due to cold mornings. Using some new inexpensive (£10 for 2) large terracotta pots, I have planted 5 garlic plants, and around them I put the tiny lettuce seeds sewn approx 10 cm apart, and some in the middle. I am quite
excited about how these will look, let alone taste. Pots are great because they protect the produce from all sorts of would be invaders. Right at the back we have planted lots of ‘Lady Crystal Potatoes’ That will grow in abundance within 6 weeks, so I am advised. I have put the sticks in to mark the area where the potatoes are so I don’t plant anything else to near. These were planted approx 20cm apart. You can get all the seeds, potatoes and shoots from your local garden centre. You should also buy some organic compost to fill any pots you buy.

Two rows of carrots

This was my shopping list:

Raddish seeds in biodegradable pots

Even if you only buy a pot and grow some some garlic and lettuce – it is very satisfying I have discovered. The herbs from last year have survived the winter and are growing again: Chives, sage, mint, thyme and parsley. I am hoping to see the tarragon and dill again when it gets a bit warmer. If you have any questions or want to offer any advise as you may already be keen vegetable grower, please contact me via email or leave a message here.

The biggest threat!

Lastly, I had my heart in my mouth on Saturday when my children, their friends and the dads decided to play football and threatened to destroyed my efforts with one well aimed kick. I am pleased to say the newly planted garden survived and I am looking forward to watching and sharing the miracle of nature.

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