Plant the seeds of health

NutriKids Story Books by Sam Bourne

These books are perhaps the only item that could be truly welcome at the dinner table, as they are a great tool to focus the child’s attention on eating healthily and they create family discussion as the historical and geographical information can be used for a general knowledge test!

I designed the NutriKids books to appeal to children with characters that are like their friends. The situations are designed especially to allow the children to put themselves into the character’s shoes, which helps them to understand and learn about the health benefits of each food and how it could support their own health. If it’s good for Connie Carrot, it must be good for them.

At the end of the stories there are fun pictures that we will eventually be producing as free downloadable posters. There is a page of important nutritional information that outlines the nutritional content and health benefits of the starring food.
Also included are 4 pages of recipes and serving suggestions, interesting historical facts that older children will find interesting and a very simplified ‘Grow your own’. These books really do deliver vital information that has taken a lot of research and work to appear simple and easy to take in and understand for parent, teacher and child.

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