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Our environment, food, homes, clothing and transport are all full of toxins
that the human body simply was not designed to cope with.

Our food has been denatured, poisoned with plastic fats, packaging, refining
and additives. Even fresh fruit and vegetables if not organic are steeped in
pesticides and heavy metals – just because you can’t see them does not mean
they are aren’t there. These build up in our bodies over time until one
day it is too much and disease is triggered.
If a person cleanses often, eats a diet that is full of nutrient dense food
and is careful in their consumption of ‘bad’ foods, then the immune system
and bodily functions are supported and will help remove toxins from the body.
The government‘s ‘Balanced Diet’ is not good enough to give the body
the protection it needs. The amount of fats that is consumed in this
country is 40% of the diet – where it should be only up to 10% maximum
and this is of ‘Good’ fats.

Detoxifying is not just for after Christmas – the body has to do it every day –
this has to be supported by the foods we eat, the way we eat and the times we eat.

Toxicity can cause acidic blood which can damage tissues all over the body – especially
blood vessels. This can cause inflammation and then cause plaques to form, cholesterol
amongst other substances are implicated in these plaques.
Acidic blood can lead to many degenerative diseases.

It is vital to alkalise the blood to not only restore health, but to protect future health.

Detoxification can help this process, but it needs to be done carefully as an unsupported
detox can cause more damage than good as so many toxins are released at the same time,
these need to bound and carried out of the body through the correct pathways.

The best way to ensure the elimination pathways are working efficiently is to do a gentle but thorough detoxification every year and make sure that dietary and lifestyle
habits are changed to aid the body’s necessary daily detoxification.

This is a list of signs that could be due to heavy toxic load – but you should always get any of these symptoms checked by your doctor. Cleaning up your diet and removing certain foods and substances can help.

Please be aware: The information and advice provided in this website is not
a substitute for medical advice If you are concerned about your health or
have any symptoms you should see your GP/healthcare provider.