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Imbalances due to antibiotics killing off the good bacteria
coupled with a high sugar / carbohydrate diet allowing other
mycology to take a hold, like Candida, other yeasts and fungal overgrowth can
cause severe dysbiosis over a period of time. There are many strains of
opportunistic bacteria in the gut and these can proliferate and compete with
our vital gut health giving flora. Some bacteria in large amounts become
pathogenic, meaning they can cause disease due to the toxic environment
they create. Candida and other yeast produce toxins as they feed on sugars in
the diet that can affect so many aspects of health. Emptying the colon
regularly at least once or twice a day is required for a healthy colon. 
Stools should be well formed, mid to slightly dark brown, and no foul smell.

Symptons of Dysbiosis (Always get any symptoms checked by your doctor)

Symptoms may not be obvious, as poor digestion can affect every aspect of health.
The problem with conventional (or modern medicine) is that it just treats symptoms
and each area of the body separately. There are many things that can affect digestion on a daily basis, eating on the go, the combination of foods and fluids consumed, hormonal fluctuations especially for women, along with pregnancy. Excessive physical training can put a major strain on digestion, as can eating late, or skipping meals even eating too quickly every mealtime can eventually take its toll.

Antiobiotics in our foods, cheaper animal products, mass produced chickens,
pigs, cattle and other livestock can have serious health implications. 
Antibiotics are used to keep infection down in over crowded
conditions that mass produced animals are kept in.  Some critics believe that the industry relies too heavily on antibiotics to fatten livestock , chickens in particular. So when you next reach for the cheap chicken keep this in mind:
The antibiotics are gradually eroding the health of your gut, at the same time the over use of antibiotics to keep infection from spreading due to the most unsanitary conditions is creating super-bugs. One day the antibiotics will
not work to fight disease, we could be back to where we were 150 years ago.
Choose organic and/or free range fresh chicken,
and consider what is in
processed chicken products. 

We are all guilty at some point of neglecting the health of our digestion. In today’s Western diet, nobody seems to be immune to digestive upset at some point in his or her life. TLC for your digestion could be a huge investment in the future of your health.