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Exercise is very important for optimal health, the body is designed to work and yet our lives
are becoming more and more sedentary. Lack of exercise creates stagnation in the body which
is detrimental to all aspects of health. Cardiovascular exercise is vital for heart health, circulation
of nutrients and elimination of toxins, weight bearing and muscle strengthening is vital for joint
protection, posture and overall muscular strength and finally stretching and muscle relaxation is
vital for mobility especially as we grow older.

  • Speeds up metabolism and helps eliminate waste.
  • Burns excess calories.
  • Keeps muscles healthy and strong.
  • Weight bearing exercise helps bones stay strong.
  • Strengthens the heart and blood vessels as these are muscles
  • Increases circulation.

Even a light exercise regime will benefit from the right nutrition.

Sports Nutrition

Vigorous training needs extra nutritional support.
If you are a sportsperson you will already know that what you eat both in general and in the build-up to strenuous exercise will affect your performance.

It is important to understand your protein needs to ensure that any tissue damage or muscle growth is properly nutritionally supported.

During exercise many toxins and by products from burning of
energy need to be dealt with swiftly with efficient detoxification and elimination.

Immune function
Compromised immunity can be created from vigorous physical training,
especially if you are training for an Iron Man competition,
Triathlon, Marathon, Cycling race or any competition that involves
endurance training.

Your white blood cell count is lowered during strenuous exercise,
and you need to know how to protect yourself through diet.

Understanding your fluid needs and how to replenish your blood
glucose and electrolytes (mineral salts) and guard from becoming
dehydrated is essential, even lifesaving.

A good Nutritional Plan will help support and protect you whilst
you are training, and help you recover afterwards.