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Beautiful Skin, Clearer complexion, brighter eyes, shinier hair, nicer nails,
cleaner breath – good nutrition can help with all of this.

Dietary changes can be the fastest most effective way to change
the way you look. Adding extra nutrients to the diet can have an
amazing effect on the overall vitality and look of a person.

For example, many people don’t realise the affect of low intake of
Essential Fatty Acids has on the skin. It can be dry, perhaps flaky,  or
dull and lifeless or even sensitive.
Nutrients like Vitamin C and B Vitamins are vital for healthy looking skin, especially in those that smoke, consume alcohol or even do a lot of exercise.
Spices like turmeric have a high antioxidant content and are great for healthy skin, as is
consuming a fresh vegetable juice every day.

Drinking plenty of clean fluids like water and herbal
teas are vital to flush out toxins that affect the skin.
As is removing or reducing those toxins that cause
aging and dullness – like browned foods, high salt, high sugar, processed meats.

An imbalance in good and bad gut flora, can cause toxins to build up and these can
effect skin, finding out how healthy or unhealthy your gut flora can be a big step
towards improved well-being and looking healthier. See Digestion section for more
information on this.

Protein deficiency can have a huge impact on the health and tone of the skin, which
can happen especially to vegetarians, people who train a lot and people with poor
dietary habits eating little protein and high carbohydrate intake.

When exercising the correct dietary protein can help build and refine muscle.
Muscles can appear more toned as any water retention goes. Skin can become
more even toned and smoother and eyes can become clearer and brighter.

One of the most noticeable things in many of my clients or
anyone that chooses to change their dietary habits for the
better, is the way they look – many of them are told that their
skin is glowing or they just look brighter more vital.





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