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Can a healthy diet help to prevent aging, decline in health and progression of disease?

The food choices we make are vital to the health and well being of every
single cell  and system in our body. If we choose well, then the cells and systems are nourished,
cleansed and supported.

What causes tissue damage and aging?

Many things cause aging. This is not just aging of the
skin so that we look older, but more widely: organ,
joint, nerve tissue, muscle, bone and endocrine aging.

Foods and Substances that cause aging are:

The body is capable of coping with an array of natural toxins, it has been
designed for this purpose, however in the last 50-60 years we have been
exposed to so many more than nature ever meant us to. Add that to the fact
that people are not getting enough nutrients from their food anymore
because of soil depletion and refined ready made foods.

Aging can also be caused by things that are lacking in the diet:

Stress is a huge factor in tissue deterioration

Eating too much and eating too little are both detrimental to health.

A good nutritional therapist can put you on the right road to a healthier you and
give you the tools to support your health.