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When you are overweight and you have tried dieting, or feel you are
constantly counting calories, and at the same time feel that you your
hunger and your cravings are never satisfied then something is wrong.

What many diets do not take into consideration is how nutrient dense
(or not) the food you are eating is. I am not talking about calories, energy,
but vital nutrients that have an effect physically and mentally – even emotionally.

There is an emotional element with food that not many people realise is
connected with the types of food you consume. Most people living in the
last 60 years or so have been given a sweet tooth and a craving for refined
carbohydratess at an early age. Fruit and sweet tasting baby foods
(even pureed baby food, fruit juices, candy, sweet drinks and so on)
encourage a ‘sweet tooth’. A 100 years ago babies and
children were never given the amount of sugar and refined white carbs
that pretty much all children are eating today. This sets people up to
expect and want sweet foods, or those foods that offer comfort like
white bread, white pastries, cakes, biscuits etc. The receptors that these
sugars (all carbohydrates become sugar in the body) are actually the
same receptors that the body uses for drugs like opium.
In fact sugar is a drug, and if were coming onto the market today as a new
food product, it would never get past the stringent rules for foods set
by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
Sugar (therefore all refined carbohydrates) is a depressant  the more
you eat the worse you eventually feel.

So when someone goes on a diet that does not remove white foods,
sugar, too much fruit, sweet drinks, alcohol, certain high starch
vegetables – but just counts calories, it may be much more difficult to
keep weight off long term.

Eating nutrient dense foods like a piece of fish, can fill you up more
quickly than a plate of Chips!

By removing the foods that you do not digest
well and that can cause sensitivities can improve overall health.

Adding missing nutrients to your diet can aid the body to
actually use up more calories as energy, for example B Vitamins are
vital in energy production.

Learning how to balance blood sugar is key to
controlling the binging that often happens to people who gain weight.
Nutritional Therapy can teach you how to use diet to
help control blood sugar,  which in the end
is one of the keys to energy, weight and general health.

Nutritional therapy in weight loss does NOT put you on a calorie counting diet,
in fact many people find that they are eating a lot more – but of the right foods.
In changing the diet to become more nutrient dense and more suitable to
individual needs,  it is easier to keep weight off , this is because you will
have less cravings and the body will be nourished properly with all the
Vitamins and Minerals it needs.


Please be aware: The information and advice provided in this website is not
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