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Educating yourself about good nutrition, gives you the tools for better
health now and in the future. Plus along the way you’ll help t
he environment and encourage better animal welfare.

We live in an age where it is hard to work out what is best for health.
Manufacturers have driven down the health of millions of people in
their efforts to make more and more profit, convincing people
that their foods are safe.

Many of the so called ‘Foods’ are not real foods they are nutrient empty and are
so unnatural they are toxic to the body.

Thirty years ago it was decided that fats were bad and carbs were good.
The ‘Food Pyramid’ changed and encouraged people to eat more grains and carbs
and less fat. It was at this point that the obesity epidemic began – poor research
and poor understanding of the human body on top of an unwillingness to
re look at the claims made so many years ago is fuelling the epidemic.
Some manufacturers of ‘Junk’ foods, sugary foods and refined carbohydrates
are so globally big (Some being bigger and richer than Sweden!) It has become
very difficult to bring legislation that can change the enormous amounts of
foods produced that are some of the main causes of ill health.

Organic foods are normal foods, they are closer in quality to the foods grown
before the war. Mass produced foods, including fruits and vegetable that do
not have the organic badge, have less nutrients and many more pesticides and
heavy metals, and many are damaging to the natural environment due to the
growing methods. There are media stories that make organic foods seem
pretentious and unnecessary – yes they are more expensive – but you will
avoid consuming an enormous amount of cancer causing, immune disruptive
toxic pesticides, fertilsers and other nasties, and the workers
get paid a proper wage.
In some countries where we get tropical and other non-seasonal fruits,
the environment where foods are grown, has become so toxic that the
surrounding areas have been poisoned.

Most shocking but generally unknown, is the fact that around the world the
sponsors of the institutions that decide what is healthy are the
manufacturers that produce all the junk foods, the processed foods
the sweet foods. For further information see link below.

Many food articles in news papers are funded by the different
manufacturers and make totally untrue claims about foods.
They demonise natural foods like butter, red meat and eggs.
Unfortunately the general population are not educated enough to know
that many of the claims are false or not the whole truth.

The press reports so many different stories about foods and
supplements and alternative therapies, many of them biased in
favour of either a company or the medical establishment.
Walter Last (a great food science writer) believes that medications
are the biggest cause of ill health on the planet, and when you look at
the data on deaths in the US it’s not surprising.

Antibiotic overuse is not only creating super-bugs which are a threat to
the future of the human race, but are destroying the natural balance in the body
making it hard to regain vibrant good health of younger years.

Painkiller overuse can cause damage to organs like the liver, the gut lining and general
overall health, but people think nothing of popping a few pills every time they
have an ache, a pain or a hangover. Read the side effects of any medication you take.

Educating yourself back to a ‘Natural healthy diet’ is one of the safest and most
far reaching ways to create better health in the present and the future.
Once you experience how much better you feel after making dietary
changes, you can’t help but keep some better habits if not all, and begin to
realise that it is up to you to look after your health on a day to day basis and
not to rely on doctors who are there to do a great job of looking after
us in an emergency.

I don’t have all the answers, there are many studies that have been done in
the field of nutrition, but not enough money is put behind the industry to
prove that food and the way we consume it, really is the main basis of most
people’s health. In fact there are not enough scientific studies to a lot of what
has been handed down to us on nutrition by wise traditions such as
Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayuervedic Medicine and plane old folk
remedies. It is because it is not seen as financially viable by successive
governments and not in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry who
invests enormous amounts of money into drug studies. This is the reason
why there are certain people that set themselves up as self proclaimed critics
of nutritional therapy – their real criticisms are really with the people who
make far fetched medical claims for natural therapies and supplements
and these people and companies are what damages opinions. I feel
that in time ordinary people will realise that what they consume
is the action that will have the biggest effect on their health and on the
environment of this planet.

You can regain control over your own health.

Everything mentioned in the above copy has research and much
material to back it up and is actually generally well known, except by the public.

Please be aware:  The information and advice provided in this
website is not a substitute for medical advice.  
If you are concerned about your health or have any
symptoms you should see your GP/health-care provider.