My children’s healthy eating books are at last available!

Connie Carrot, Sammy Spinach, Billy Blueberry, Ava Avocado, Benjamin Broccoli and Penelope Pea are all printed and ready to go out and plant seeds of health in young children. All they need is their imagination (and someone to buy them … Continue reading

Yes Good FATs are GOOD for you!

With reference to today’s headline food News in the British press and Media on Fat. Don’t get carried away and think you can eat whatever you want – Oh no that is not what today’s news means, the press of … Continue reading

Nutritional Guidance for Mothers Post & In-between Pregnancy

I wrote this guide for a talk I did with a group of mums, that were just past their first or second pregnancy or thinking of having another baby. The organiser was Jenny Scott from –  check out her … Continue reading

Flatten your Tummy in Two Weeks!

Is it possible to get a flatter tummy through changing eating habits in just two weeks? Absolutely Yes! Loosing weight around your middle is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely healthy too. The fat that gathers around your middle is … Continue reading

Christmas Canapes the FoodSpa way – Indulgent but Healthy

Impress your Friends and Family with these delicious guilt free Canapés. These recipes are designed especially for those that love Canapés but want to know that what you are eating is healthy and not full of fats, sugars and poor … Continue reading

Fats and Oils – how to use them for health

Recently there has been information / news on Omega3 oils- essential fatty acids (Fish oil mainly). It is frustrating and quite amazing how the press are always so keen on taking a negative piece of information that they can sensationalise … Continue reading

Horse meat? Are we really surprised?

I am glad this has come to light (Not glad that it’s happened) as it makes my job a lot easier in persuading people to take more care about what they eat. Cooking properly at home is 100 times better … Continue reading

Alcohol & Health – what exactly does it do to your body and how safe is your consumption?

The beginning of a New year is a time when many people consider making some changes – especially  to their health. Perhaps a detox or to get fit. The majority of adults drink alcohol, some much more than others and … Continue reading

Healthier Quick Christmas Recipes – Cakes, Mince pies, Sausage Rolls – with Vegetarian Option

Isn’t it great to indulge in wonder Christmas treats! Unfortunately most of them are what I would class as super unhealthy, but there is a way to indulge without feeling quite so guilty – plus some of these treats deliver … Continue reading

Super Soup – Health Boosting, Toe warming Chunky Vegetable Soup

Super Soups – Winter warmers There is nothing like soup to warm you up, and this one warms you from top to bottom and takes little very time and uses up the veg in your fridge. The mainstays of the … Continue reading