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Changing your dietary habits can be daunting. It’s easy for a Nutritional Therapist,
Nutritionist, Doctor or Dietitian to tell people they must change their diets, but much
harder to show them how to. Many of these specialists don’t even look after their own
diets as their training is mainly scientific, or they aren’t quite as passionate about their
health as they should be. The following is I hope an accessible guide to eating ideas and
shopping lists to give you some tools to kick start this new dietary life journey that you are
embarking on. Even if you don’t want to change your diet, these suggestions are delicious
and are not purgatory, just a lot more wholesome and easier on your health than what you
will find in the majority of breakfast tables, recipe books and cooking shows.

You can find many of these recipes on the recipe pages on this site or on old blog posts
linked on this site. My blog is updated with recipes regularly.

See Breakfast for extensive ideas to get a great start in the morning.
See Recipes & Blog for more details on the following ideas




Example menu for the day

On waking:
Glass of water

Fruit: Chopped Mango and Blueberries – try some grated ginger on this

15-20 minutes later
Porridge made with oat milk or water, with a desert spoon of Flax oil and
cinnamon (see recipe sheet)
Green tea

Mid morning Snack
Nettle and mint tea
Half and avocado mashed or blended – can add a little apple cider
vinegar or lemon juice. Spread on a couple of Spelt or oat crackers.
An apple and a handful of seeds.

‘Open Chicken and Vegetable Sandwich’
One slice of spelt, rye or gluten free bread with a drizzle of olive oil
Topping: Finely Chopped red cabbage, with chopped sugar snap peas, alfafa sprouts, chopped cold chicken,
coriander herb, black pepper. Dressing: Sesame oil + splash tamari + apple cider vinegar + pinch cayenne pepper.

Mix all together and lay over the top of spelt bread

Mid afternoon snack
A handful of Almonds+ goji berries + pear
Or Energy bar – see recipe

To start – chopped papaya – aids digestion and increase Vitamin A, you can
add some rocket leave to balance the sweet taste and increases liver efficiency.

Salmon and Sweet potato fish cakes – see recipe, with hearty salad – can be warm root veg
salad with green leaves, or in warmer weather fresh crisp lettuce leaves, artichokes,
crunchy red cabbage and walnuts. Use Apple cider vinegar, olive oil and flax oil for
dressing – you can add fresh herbs like tarragon and berry juice for antioxidant.


Lunch & Dinner Menu Ideas:

Mackerel fillet on a bed of sweet potato and rice noodles

Quinoa & Spinach Salad with Avocado dressing

Open Jacket potato with tinned mackerel and watercress

Red pepper quiche with avocado Spelt crust

Spelt Pasta with Portobello Mushrooms and Cherry Tomatoes

Salmon & Sweet Potato Fish Cakes

Red Cabbage & Kale sesame salad

Avocado soup

Butternut squash soup with toasted olive oil pitta bread

Lentil and Tomato salad

Black rice and Wild Salmon with a taste of Japan

Black rice noodles with organic chicken (or tofu, or wild salmon) and chilli

Turkey Burgers with sprouted sunflower seeds and spinach salad

Curried Chicken skewers with Mushroom rice and Green beans

Chicken and Shitake mushroom broth

Red Hot Humus

Butterbean (Lima Bean) & Avocado Spread

Prawn & Pumpkin seed Rice wraps with Blueberry & Alfafa salad

Walnut & Red Cabbage salad

Chicken & Leek hot pot with Spelt crust

Thai Style Green Curry with Chicken or Vegetables

Toasted Spelt pitta with Olive oil, Mozorella and spring onion


 Cooked breakfast Menu:

If you have a long day ahead of you, or you know you will be very active during the day,
then a really substantial breakfast is one of the best ways to keep energy levels high.


Omelette / scrambled / boiled poached/ egg fried rice
Veg: Peppers, mushrooms, courgette, spring onion.

Omelette – 2 x eggs whisked with a pinch of Himalayan pink crystal salt
and black pepper and a handful of chopped peppers, spring onions, and thinly
sliced shitake mushrooms. Can be used raw (more enzymes) or you can quickly
cook in a small pan altogether with some olive oil.

Poached eggs on toast with tomato salsa – can poach in water with

Scrambled eggs with shitake mushrooms with chopped parsley on crunchy spelt toast with Watercress salad

Egg fried rice – with spring onions and chicken: Use ready cooked or left over rice

White fish (haddock, cod, sea bass) Steamed with bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak: left over mash and peas, broccoli or any other greens, heated with a little butter in a pan.

Fresh mackerel filleted with whole grain strips of pitta bread drizzled with olive oil and a tomato salsa

Kippers with potato and sweet corn fritters

Potato fritters – raw potato (can be sweet potato) either grated by hand or using a food processor, mixed with some loose sweet corn, finely sliced spring onion and seasoned with Himalayan pink crystal salt. Use either egg or milk with cornflour to bind together. Make into balls and press to burger shape. Bake in oven or Cook in small amount light olive oil in a flat pan turning regularly on medium heat.

Smoked salmon (mild) or tinned or ready cooked with avocado – a whole avocado mashed or finely sliced,  placed onto 3 pieces toasted spelt and salmon placed over – sprinkle with freshly ground back pepper – squeeze of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.