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I highly recommend acupuncture as a complimentary
therapy it is now widely used and accepted all over
the world..

I have had this therapy many times and if you find the
right practitioner it can be truly healing.

Acupuncture practitioners look at the whole person,
and will observe your energy levels via your pulse – they
are trained to be able to pick up variation in the pulse
and look at your toxic load via the tongue. They will ask you
questions on your medical history that will help them decide which
acupuncture lines are best used to support and help you.

It can be relaxing or stimulating. The Chinese use it as a major health care system in China, and
their practitioners are classed as medical professionals.
Many people study here and become acupuncturists. It is advisable to make
sure when choosing a practitioner that they have the correct qualifications.

The site just below is a good place to start looking for a practitioner in your area or see contact
details for acupuncturists whom I recommend.