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Yoga Nidra mean ‘Yoga Sleep’.  It was designed to take a person to place
between awake and sleep, where you are literally blissfully relaxed.
if practiced regularly You are supposed to be able to get closer to the self.
whether you do or not is for you to know, but one things for certain,
you can’t help but relax through the meditation.

The best way to practice this is by buying a disk or downloading from iTunes
onto your MP3 player one of the many Yoga Nidra recordings.
Listen to a few to decide whose voice you will feel comfortable with
listening to again and again.  They generally have a 10 minute session, a
20 minute, or 30 minute and you can use these depending on how much
time you will mostly be lying down, but you can do it sitting up
at you desk. If you can manage to stop from falling asleep as the aim is to
always be aware and conscious, but in a state of deep relaxation.

The reason why I like it so much is because I tend to suffer with mind chatter
like most people and find proper meditation hard to do, but because someone
is talking to you all the way through, your mind focuses on that only.
Leaving you to float away to wherever you want to…….