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There are many herbal remedies.

It is an ancient and very effective form of medicine. In fact many major
life saving drugs are derived or based on herbs. I especially like to use
adaptogen herbs as these can be very helpful as targeted therapy.
For example Milk thistle, Rosemary and Shisandra are extremely good
at supporting the detoxification process in the body as they support and
protect liver function. Withania Somnifera (Also known as Ashwaganda)
is a brilliant anti-stress, therapy, and Chaste Tree Berry is used very
successfully to support female hormones and can also help improve
sleep through stimulating melatonin production, the hormone that is
vital for sleep and is one of our major antioxidants in the body.

Other herbs like Urv Ursi, Oregano and Cats Claw act as antibacterial,
anti fungal and are used as part of a therapy to reduce gut dysbiosis
where there is an imbalance in good and bad bacteria,
Candida overgrowth or other infections invariably caused by over use
of antibiotics. 

See ‘Digestion’ for further information on gut dysbiosis.

Many more people are turning to herbal therapy as they are becoming
increasingly aware that pharmaceutical drugs are damaging to health
and are not always necessary.

See http://www.mediherb.co.uk/ for further information on research
and science based evidence.

It is best to consult a professional herbalist, nutritional therapist that has
training in herbal support or a naturopath, before taking herbal preparations
as herbs can react with medications and should be used with caution in pregnancy.

National Institute of Medical Herbalists: http://www.nimh.org.uk

See contacts for my recommended Herbal practitioners in London.

Milk Thistle – Liver Support Herb