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A consultation is really a Q & A session, it gives the person a chance
to talk about their currant diet, digestive and general health concerns
that they feel could be linked to their diet. Going through a number of
questions helps prompt the individual to consider things that maybe
haven’t even been thought of in connection with diet, and helps to join
all the dots together to create a better picture of the overall health. eating
and lifestyle habits of that person. The client can also ask questions
about health, supplements and diet and anything they want to know
about how the foods they are eating affect them.

Before an initial consult you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire
and a food diary. An accurate food diary can be very helpful in ascertaining
why your dietary habits are affecting your health, and being able to
look at the difference once you have changed.
You’d be surprised at how much you eat or don’t eat, and it can be
interesting looking at your own habit that in general you think
nothing of once it’s in the past.