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Going through a number of questions helps prompt you to consider things that maybe haven’t even been thought of in connection with your diet, and helps to join all the dots together to create a better picture of your overall health, eating and lifestyle habits. You can also ask questions about health, supplements and diet and anything you want to know about how the foods they are eating affect them.

Consultations are either 1 or 2 hours, shorter 30 minute consults
are also available but only for follow ups.

1 hour Consultation – 60 minutes –  £90

This is great for those that want to make lasting dietary changes
to create better health and well being and can also focus on targeting
any health concerns through nutritional therapy.

2 hour Consultation – 120 minutes –  £160

A more detailed medical and nutritional history is taken – many clues
about the state of the person’s nutritional health are gathered at this point.
It is especially good for those who have real health concerns, or existing conditions
as the client is given time to talk about their health in detail.

Follow Up Sessions from £45 – £75

If taken within 6 weeks of first consult


There is no feeling like the feeling you have after a good dietary cleanse.
You feel lighter, clearer headed and more energetic.

A guided detoxification, takes the person’s state of health and well being into consideration, which will decide what kind of plan will work best for them.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Preconception Nutrition for men and women.

Good nutrition is vital during pregnancy, not only to help nourish the baby as it grows and to meet all of the foetus’s nutritional needs, but to
after the birth.

Suspected deficiencies (like pregnancy anaemia)
can be addressed, using safe supplements and/or special
food combinations.

This is for those who are planning to become pregnant or just want to prepare your body to be in the best nutritional health for any future pregnancy. This service includes men as it is vital for sperm to be in the best condition too!

Genova’s Nutrition ‘ONE’ test can test for any nutritional deficiencies
that may affect fertility, pregnancy and post pregnancy.

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