Corporate Nutrition Services

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My corporate talks are designed to inspire employees to make healthier choices. They are engaging, informative and to provide nutritional tools and knowledge to make educated changes to diet and lifestyle with the aim of improving health, energy and performance at work and in life.  The theme of the workshops can be general or specific to a certain topics like how to manage stress and fatigue, or boosting immune health below. Interaction is encouraged as the subject of nutrition affects everyone and there is so much information and misinformation that guidance is crucial to make the right decisions for individual health. Employees will leave armed with vital knowledge of how to improve their health. Participants receive handouts covering all the information from the talk, along with a recipe booklet and meal planner.

Well-Being through better understanding of nutrition
– Better general health
– Better resistance to disease and infection
– Better cardiovascular health– Weight loss
– Reducing diabetes risk
– Reduced effects of stress

Benefits to your business
– Reduced time off and poor performance due to illness.
– A more energetic workforce
– Improved physical and mental performance
– Improved concentration and attention to detail
– Happier and healthier employees & reduced staff turnover

The following health themes can be 45-60 minute lunch time talks – or 2 hour morning or evening
workshops that can be interactive with Q & A’s and can include food tasting.

“We work with Sam regularly to provide engaging, informative  and fun nutrition workshops with our corporate clients. We find her professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of nutrition  and she is a fantastic naturopath to work with. We would wholeheartedly  recommend her and her services to anyone”. 
Kelly Skipper, Director – Glo Pamper

“Everyone took something slightly different from the talk – little tweaks to their daily lives that could improve their general  health and well-being and everyone said they would love her to come  back to discuss other topics”.
Debra Blenkisop, Director – Zeppertron TV Production