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Rania R

“Being a company director and mum makes it incredibly difficult for me to find time for myself that is enriching and positive and it’s often a struggle to justify the time away from work and family. Sam’s urban spa retreat is a wonderful combination of yoga, meditation and nutrition in a beautiful setting.  Everything rolled into a few hours over one day makes it easy to do. After a stressful week, the complete mood change from arriving to leaving was quite remarkable and the level of focus and calm I’ve experienced since has been surprising.”

Debra B

“What a wonderful idea of an urban day retreat in London.
I received the itinerary and immediately felt excited and relaxed at the thought of taking time out of a normally crazy life to de-compress.
Even though it’s only one day it’s so well thought through that you honestly come away more mindful, rested and fully of positivity.

Sam is a perfect host and so perfectly skilled (excellent yoga teacher and incredibly knowledgeable nutritionist) She welcomes you with warmth and a gorgeous smell of scented candles which is immediately relaxing.
I had a rather stressful journey due to crazy London traffic but that all vanished the moment I walked in with lemongrass tea and homemade energy balls on arrival while Sam discussed the day.
Shortly afterwards we were taken to a beautiful yoga studio at the bottom of the garden where we had a brilliant yoga session followed by guided meditation.
By this point I was so relaxed I just wanted to move in!

We then went back into the house and under Sam’s guidance all chipped in to help prepare the most nutritious and tasty lunch.
It was a great bonding moment all helping with lunch and learning how to cook healthy and nutritious food and then all sitting down together to eat and talk.

A fantastic discussion about nutrition followed in which we could ask specific questions about ourselves which Sam answered so thoughtfully and with great care. As the three people who attended where all working mothers the talk centred around the effects of stress on the body and ways to counteract these effects through nutrition.
The final part of the day was more lemon grass and ginger tea and some home made cakes.
What a day. I can’t recommend it more highly and I hope you feel as relaxed, calm and stretched as I now do.

As Sam is a trained nutritionist there is the opportunity to arrange a one on one consultation with her on another day. I did this and feel that I have someone who is looking after me and guiding me through the process of becoming a stronger, healthier and happier person.”

Elv M

“Wow – I feel as though I’ve been on a weekend away, not just spent a few gorgeous hours in a sunlit garden studio. Sam’s retreat is a perfect combination – she guided us through an amazing morning’s yoga, before we all learned to cook a healthy and mouthwatering lunch. The nutritional consultation was eye-opening on ways to fight stress, fatigue, bad sleep – all the details everyone needs to look and feel better. A fantastic day – perfect for friends, a bridesmaids’ or ‘Hen’ day experience, or whenever you need to get away from it all.”

Sam S

“Thank you for yesterday.  It really was fantastic and so lovely to be in such a peaceful space.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and was surprised at how energised I felt throughout the remainder.  I now realise that while I consider myself a “healthy eater” there are quite a few adjustments I need to make e.g. I did notice the start of a slight headache – the first in 15 months – but once we had tea I felt fine.  To that end, I’m going to try to reduce the amount of dairy I consume.  I also need to see chocolate (albeit good quality organic choc) as a treat and not a staple food!
I suspect my lack of discipline has come about as the result of a loss self belief/direction following a perfect storm of events: the sudden death of my brother, swiftly followed by the end of my relationship and ongoing changes in my work/family life.  It might sound trivial but I think if I can shed a few pounds in the next few months it will give me the impetus to treat my system in a more considered way.  I just seem to have been living in a very quietly stressful way for so long, it’s hard to imagine life being different.  I’m hoping Yoga will give me that space to reacquaint myself with me!”