Preparing for Pregnancy


This is the perfect time to overall your diet and nutritional health. Pregnancy, childbirth,breast feeding and the early days of becoming a new mother take a huge toll on the body nutritionally. This can affect your recovery, your emotional well-being and your energy. 
Poor Nutritional status can also affect your ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, not just from deficiencies but poor diet, food sensitivities and the health of the gut microbiome causes systemic inflammation which can affect fertility and general health.
Getting all the right nutrients to replenish your reserves will also help if you experience morning sickness as this can put you off eating fresh vegetables and all the healthy foods that contain the minerals you need. 
Nutritional Status testing – This is not absolutely necessary as a good Nutritional Therpist can assess your diet and adjust it to make sure you are consuming all the right foods and removing anything that can be harmful. however we cannot know for definite what your underlying nutritional status is. For example many women can be severely deficient in folate. This can affect the very early stages of pregnancy and 400mcg that is the recommended dose may not cover a deficiency. However taking too much folic acid can have implications for health – so it can be very helpful to know your exact status as supplements can be tailored correctly.

Nutrition Workshop and detailed Nutritional Status Test with follow up consultation – £750

Nutrition Workshop and follow up consultation – £450