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My talks are specially designed for groups of 5 – 25 people, mainly within a company setting, but can also be at home or in schools for parent groups.
These 45 minutes to 1 hour presentations are devised to give people quick and easy guides to better nutrition to help the work force become more healthy or to give parents
some nutritional guidance for their families.

These are perfect for creating a healthier work force and can be a fantastic addition to any well being programs.

To enquire about arranging a talk or lecture, please get in touch at

“Your Microbiome , the Soil Within – why is it so important?”
How to create a better environment inside that will lead to optimal health

‘How to increase your immunity to Disease Through Diet’
An education in how the immune system works and what hinders it and
what supports it. A guide to surviving the year without illness and how to
protect health long term against degenerative diseases.

‘Managing Stress and Fatigue through Nutritional Therapy’
Understand how stress affects the physical body, what stress actually is,
and what to do to to support your self through difficult times and
how to recover with nutritional support.

‘How to Balance your Blood Sugar and create more energy’
A good understanding of how blood sugar fluctuations affect all tissues,
hormones and energy. How food choices are vital to level out blood
sugar and how to increase energy.

‘Aging – How to slow it down’
a look at why we age, what the mechanisms are and what we can do
through diet and exercise to really slow it down.

Understanding the process in the body and how
do you do it practically and safely

‘Love Food Love yourself’
A general look at how you can only truly
care about yourself if you lovingly look after your body
through nutrition.