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To compliment Nutritional Therapy I may recommend particular nutritional and digestive health tests, so that a more accurate and personal nutritional therapy plan can be given.

You can get some tests done by your GP, but the more detailed tests are not available on the NHS or even from private doctors. They are done by specialist labs and technicians.

These tests can give a general overview of how foods or
nutrient deficiencies can be affecting you and what direction is best to go in
re dietary and lifestyle changes.

IgG Food Antibody Assessment – tests for IgG antibodies and can
determine if you have a true food sensitivity. The IgE test that is done by a doctor
looks for true allergies. There are other antibodies that are completely overlooked
and these are the ones that cause senstivities that can lead to chronic health
conditions and digestive problems.

G I Effects (Comprehensive Stool Analysis + parasitology)
Your Microbiome (gut bacteria and microbiota) and ability to digest properly is extremely important, it is the foundation of your health. This has been recognised by Nutritional Therapists for many years and is now only just being talked about in the media. Most Doctors have no training in this area and are far behind the science. Rebalancing your gut microbiome could be one of the most supportive actions you can take for your health. This test gives you a window into what is going on in your gut, from how you digest foods, toxic load level and individual bacteria, yeasts, infections and parasites.
This test is extremely thorough in detecting parasites, inflammation or bacterial imbalances in the gut. It also this measures digestive enzyme output and looks at fibre and protein presence in the stool.
For more information on thsi test please contact me: sam@foodspa.org.uk

Anaemia profile – tests for iron, folic acid and B12 and ferritin
– all implicated if there is insufficient haemoglobin in the blood

ONE test – Optimal Nutrition Evaluation – this test for levels of nutrients
in the body including – all vitamins, minerals, amino acids (proteins),
anti-oxidants, organic markers of metabolic function, detoxification
and gut flora. This test enables accurate nutrient therapy and use of supplements.

It is always best to share the results
with your doctor.

To enquire about test access, booking a consultation

or coaching experiences, please get in touch at info@foodspa.org.uk