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Designed to inspire a new way of looking at the food choices you make.

Cooking workshops are available to inspire and support you on your journey to better health through dietary choices and recipe ideas. Cooking without gluten, or dairy or becoming vegetarian or even vegan or just cooking foods differently can be tricky when you first start.

Trying out new things and new ways of cooking can not only reignite your interest in cooking but also give your health a boost as variety is the key to a healthy diet.

Cooking workshops can be a group of friends or like-minded strangers. Some are scheduled and you can keep in touch via the newsletter to find out when they are held or you can organise your own workshop at a date that suits you.
Food preferences will be taken into consideration.
(ie: if vegen, gluten free, vegetarian or even pescatarian)

Price £50 per person (Minimum 6 people) or £100 per person (Min 3 people) 

Plesae contact: to find out more.

Workshop Format

Arrive 10am

Nutrition talk 10.15am – 11.15am
This focuses on the foods that you will be eating and what the nutritional benefits are and how these work in the body. You will find out the best way to cook these foods and where to get them for when you make them at home yourself.

Prep food for lunch 11.15 – 12.15

Lunch with Q+A 12.30 – 2pm

Healthy Teas + Snacks

Finish  2.15pm

The main idea behind these workshops is not to deprive you of your favorite foods but to show you how to make the healthy choice delicious & desirable. Being able to consume a diet which is low in salt, poor fats, sugar and additives, high in nutrients and vitality, can make an enormous difference to your health now and in the future.


Julie C -Surrey

‘Well delivered – easily understandable education on food or well being.
Have taken away more than my target 3 new facts on how to improve my diet.
Excellent setting and delicious healthy food. I’m already looking forward to my
one-to-one session in the future with Sam. Can already think of so many people
to whom I would recommend Sam to’.

Hazel O – London

‘A truly informative day. Such delicious food made from health, fresh ingredients
and so simple and easy to make. I feel very motivated and inspired to take much
better care of myself. Sam is so knowledgeable and I know understand much
more how to increase my vitality and energy. Thank you Sam and Lily.
Looking forward to another day’.

Nuala S – Guildford

A very enlightening day. Enjoyed the food, so tasty and healthy as well!
Thank you for giving us such a good guide to the correct foods to eat and the
supplements to take. I would recommend this to anyone.