Yoga: Yoga Classes

I have practiced Yoga for many years, and taught it for 6 years. It is the perfect physical exercise as you can use it as a tool to get fit, to become flexible and to support well-being. It is the perfect antidote to stressful lifestyles and a mini escape from the everyday life.

Nutritional Therapy and Yoga are the perfect mix, they are so complimentary that the overall effect is a profound sense of well-being if adopted into your life. Regular practice like regular healthy eating, builds a foundation for health and helps you to live well even as you age.

Yoga is a gift of life, once learned it is a complete exercise and retreat system to carry around and practice anywhere at anytime. I cannot recommend taking up Yoga highly enough.
It is a good idea to try out different classes to see what would suit you as there are many different styles and each teacher has their own style.
I teach Vinyasa Flow – this the dynamic form that increases fitness and moves through the Asanas (postures) quickly and smoothly linking breath and movement.

When you first start practicing Yoga as a beginner, you may feel unco-ordinated, inflexible and muscle weakness. But as you become more familiar with the postures and sequence, you’ll gain in confidence and strength. You will feel relaexed and an amazing energy throughout the body. It is truly like no other form of exercise.

A film about my life with Yoga, Nutrition and family, made by YogaLondon to celebrate their 5th Year Anniversary:

The YogaClassNearYou or MoveGB websites are great ways to locate and try out Yoga classes.