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Food and farming manifesto priorities for the June 2017 General Election Soil Association briefing, April 2017

The following is a manifesto from the Soil Association that seeks to make government recognise the importance of prioritising the way we farm and the huge impact it has on public health, the enironment, animal wealthfare and the health of … Continue reading

Organic is Better – Confirmed by Scientists!

The British Journal of Nutrition has published an article created by experts who tested Organic versus Non-organic. Their findings on why organic is in fact better than non-organic is very positive. It at last puts forward the case that has … Continue reading

Soil Association Warning – Sign Up and support their Voice against big corporations and the future of your food.

I have just received this email and I acted immediately to support the soil association. Anyone that is interested in health, good food and freedom of choice relies on organisations like the the Soil Association to fight our battles. You … Continue reading