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Butter (Lima) Beans with Turmeric & Tomato sauce with Watercress

Ingredients: 1 Carton or Tin of Organic Butter (Lima) beans 2 x tbsp of organic tomato puree 2 heaped tsp of turmeric spice Splash of olive oil A little water Pinch of pink salt and ground black pepper Handful of … Continue reading

Christmas Canapes the FoodSpa way – Indulgent but Healthy

Impress your Friends and Family with these delicious guilt free Canapés. These recipes are designed especially for those that love Canapés but want to know that what you are eating is healthy and not full of fats, sugars and poor … Continue reading

Jerusalem Artichoke with Green leaves – a different kind of carbohydrate

This dish is a super healthy dish for digestion. They do contain some starch like potatoes so supply some calories (approx 100 calories in a one cup serving) Jerusalem artichokes are also high in polysaccharide sugars (Inulin). This means that … Continue reading

Type II Diabetes – could the way you eat give you diabetes? And what does high blood sugar really mean to your health?

Type II Diabetes was in the news again yesterday. The Public Accounts Committee are claiming that ‘Diabetes Care is depressingly poor’ and recommend that the NHS should be doing a lot more preventative and educational work with potential sufferers AND … Continue reading

Wild Salmon with Black Rice and Sesame – A Beautiful Skin Recipe

What can you make for lunch when you have two guests that are expecting something delicious but at the same time ridiculously healthy? Is there indeed such a thing? If you know what to buy and how to cook it, … Continue reading

May Garden update – what has succeeded and what hasn’t. Plus healthy egg fried rice recipe

I have to admit that I have not given the vegetable garden much attention this month except to water it. I do need to plant some more things but here’s an update so far. I have discovered that certain things … Continue reading