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Inflammation is the route of nearly all health issues – so why does it happen?

Antibody-Antigen Complexes Antibody-antigen complexes are cleared by a normal immune system, if however immunity is compromised, then macrophage cannot clear the build up of antigen complexes. These accumulate in the tissue causing inflammation in the tissues of organs, skin and … Continue reading

Yes Good FATs are GOOD for you!

With reference to today’s headline food News in the British press and Media on Fat. Don’t get carried away and think you can eat whatever you want – Oh no that is not what today’s news means, the press of … Continue reading

Nutritional Guidance for Mothers Post & In-between Pregnancy

I wrote this guide for a talk I did with a group of mums, that were just past their first or second pregnancy or thinking of having another baby. The organiser was Jenny Scott from www.mothers-meeting.com –  check out her … Continue reading

Fats and Oils – how to use them for health

Recently there has been information / news on Omega3 oils- essential fatty acids (Fish oil mainly). It is frustrating and quite amazing how the press are always so keen on taking a negative piece of information that they can sensationalise … Continue reading

Horse meat? Are we really surprised?

I am glad this has come to light (Not glad that it’s happened) as it makes my job a lot easier in persuading people to take more care about what they eat. Cooking properly at home is 100 times better … Continue reading

Healthier Quick Christmas Recipes – Cakes, Mince pies, Sausage Rolls – with Vegetarian Option

Isn’t it great to indulge in wonder Christmas treats! Unfortunately most of them are what I would class as super unhealthy, but there is a way to indulge without feeling quite so guilty – plus some of these treats deliver … Continue reading

How to consume carbohydrates to keep you healthy and to aid weight-loss

The other day I overheard someone explaining to a lady who wished to get fit and lose weight that she should eat a diet that is 60% carbohydrates. If these carbohydrates include all root vegetables, fresh fruits and things like … Continue reading

Type II Diabetes – could the way you eat give you diabetes? And what does high blood sugar really mean to your health?

Type II Diabetes was in the news again yesterday. The Public Accounts Committee are claiming that ‘Diabetes Care is depressingly poor’ and recommend that the NHS should be doing a lot more preventative and educational work with potential sufferers AND … Continue reading

Dates – contain vital nutrients and can help with weight-loss.

Date Brownies These are delicious alternative to high sugar brownies in shops. Dates are the only sweetener in them, They are particularly good because even though they are a fruit sugar they contain a lot of soluble fibre and this … Continue reading

Why are B Vitamins so Important? Could taking extra into your diet boost your health?

B Vitamins – Most people have heard about them, but do you actually know what they do and why the body needs them? Of all the supplements you might take in your life-time, a B Complex is one of my … Continue reading