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Christmas Canapes the FoodSpa way – Indulgent but Healthy

Impress your Friends and Family with these delicious guilt free Canapés. These recipes are designed especially for those that love Canapés but want to know that what you are eating is healthy and not full of fats, sugars and poor … Continue reading

Dates – contain vital nutrients and can help with weight-loss.

Date Brownies These are delicious alternative to high sugar brownies in shops. Dates are the only sweetener in them, They are particularly good because even though they are a fruit sugar they contain a lot of soluble fibre and this … Continue reading

Easter treats – Healthier Chocolates & Healthier Cardamom Biscuits

There’s no escaping sweet things at Easter. It’s a time when we all give ourselves permission to eat treats – ‘it’s Easter  – I have to eat chocolate!’, my daughter tells me. Luckily I have trained them to make their … Continue reading