Yoga: Yoga Classes

Yoga is a union of physical, mental and spiritual well being, that comes from
mindful practice of postures and meditation. Physical Strength and improved
posture, brings calm awareness that can have a profound effect on health
and everyday life. Yoga is a gift of life, once learned it is a complete exercise
and retreat system to carry around and practice anywhere at anytime.


Sharing a class with like-minded people and a good,
compassionate teacher enriches the practice and
experience of Yoga. Where as one to one personal
classes create a perfectly tailored practice that suits
the individual.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is loosely based on the
Ashtanga Sequences. After a powerful but relaxing class
you canfeel like you have had a good workout coupled with an
amazing stretch and breath class.  My classes are not advanced,
and anyone can join in, you will easily pick up the sequence
and improve flexibility and strength after just 3 or 4 classes.


If you are a beginner looking for an exercise regime that is dynamic
AND calming, this is the Yoga Style for you. Everybody will be at
different levels some have more stamina, while others are more
‘bendy’, working at your own pace is vital and more enjoyable,
but at the same time you are encouraged to challenge yourself
and move beyond your comfort zone.

Whether done every day or once a week, Yoga will
bring noticeable benefits.