About Foodspa

FoodSpa is about making healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle more desirable.
A feel good factor that you can bring into your life and make healthier inspiration part of
every day living. This includes exercise as well as nutrition and the choices you make
to support your health for now an in the future as well as the next generartions health.

Making information on nutritional health more accessible and creating a desire to cook
and create healthy meals and snacks at home. Creating an interest in foods and how they
can be used to gain better health is much more inspiring than calorie counting, and puts
control of your well-being firmly in your own hands.

Healthy choices:

Nutritional Therapy
One to one consultations going through medical and nutritional history to use diet, lifestyle
and food supplementation to support and address health issues or to prevent them
happening in the first place.

YogaFoodSpa Day Retreats in London
An escape for the day to imerse yourself in a totally relaxed and healthy environment,
where you will learn life changing knowledge on nutritional health, diet, stress reduction.
You will also learn how Yoga can support all aspects of health and wellbeing.
You will feel transformed by the end of the day.


I was in my late 20s when I realised that the medical profession was not going to be able to help me with my continuing digestive problems, which was labelled ‘IBS’. After two years of seeing specialists I was put on an elimination diet that consisted of ostrich meat, sunflower oil and sweet potato!

I was told that I could eat normally right up until the day I started my special diet. So I continued with my 5 a day cups of coffee, pasta, dairy, alcohol and chocolate 
consumption right up until the night before. I was in for a shock, one that was going to change my life – not in the way the doctor thought! By the end of the next day – I was on the floor. I couldn’t move – the headache was beyond anything that I had ever then or even now experienced. I had not been told to drink lots of water, I was not informed that I should have built up slowly to the elimination diet. I was never warned about caffeine withdrawal. It shocked me so much I have never drunk coffee since. I also only lasted 4 days before I begged the specialist to allow me to eat something else – he was incredibly unsympathetic. I decided to remove myself from his care and began self care. Knowing what I know now, I wonder at my own common sense – why did I not think that my digestive pain was connected to what I was consuming and the stressful lifestyle I had? Simple really – all my doctors did not understand or believe it.

I didn’t know about Nutritional Therapy then, but I completely cured myself by making better food choices and removing those foods that I had become sensitive to. I bought book after book on Nutrition and read as much as I could get my hands on. I found the subject so interesting and was absorbed by it – in fact I drove my friends and family quite mad with my generous advise on their eating habits. I devised my own special diet leading up to conception of my children, and when they were born, I wrote and designed story books to encourage them to eat vegetables (NutriKids).

I sold my design company and returned to college! I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine because the course was holistic and included other disciplines like Acupuncture, Naturopathy and Herbal medicine. Enabling me to have an understanding of, and a crossover into other therapies should the need arise.

Now I am using all my knowledge and experience to help other people find their way to better health through understanding what better nutrition can do for health and well-being.

A film about my life with Yoga, Nutrition and family, made by YogaLondon to celebrate their 5th Year Anniversary:


Wishing you good health.

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